Getbound automatically send out your personalized messages, Email & Calls to freeing up your time for building relationships


Say goodbye to manual and time-taking outreach and sales efforts

Automate your sales and outbound messaging efforts with GetBound, an AI sales automation platform to convert high-quality leads and meet revenue goals.

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Reach out to your prospects everywhere

All prospects are not created equal. Your prospects are in different phases of their buying journey and trying to find the perfect solution for their problem on different platforms.

With GetBound, engage with every prospect through the power of personalized messaging whether they are checking their emails or hanging out on Twitter or LinkedIn… Reach them where they are.

Convert more prospects through leveraging AI

Did you know that the average sales rep wastes 2 to 3 hours daily doing redundant administrative tasks? Claim these precious wasted hours and let your reps focus on what actually moves the revenue wheel of your business — more selling.

Leverage data to grow your business

Let's take your real-time business data and insights into the driving seat of your sales and marketing strategy. Bound shares insights about your business data based on the interactions with your prospects and customers and what makes them say "yes" to your offer. Leverage the data to craft successful messaging and handle the common objections in your all messaging efforts and campaigns. Let your sales team use the data and refine their strategy to win more customers.


Ready to take your sales to the next level?

Choose a pricing plan that’s perfect for your business needs and revenue goals.

Basic Plan
Perfect for Startups
and it includes:


  • Trigger-Based Messaging Sequence Service
  • You can run up to 1 sequence at a time
  • Outbound with LinkedIn, Emails, Twitter
  • Provision to Create/ Upload your own Lead List
  • You can use 15 contacts (via Lead List) with a free one-month trial.
  • After trail, can use 30 contacts (via Lead List)
  • Provision to maintain Opportunities
  • Dashboard Reports
Standard Plan
Works perfect for SMEs and the package includes:


  • Trigger-Based Messaging Sequence Service
  • Can run up to 4 separate sequences simultaneously for different market segments/personas
  • Outbound with LinkedIn, Emails, Twitter
  • Provision to maintain Opportunities
  • Provision to Create/ Upload Multiple Lead Lists
  • Support “30 contacts” with each sequence
  • CRM Integration
  • Dashboard Reports

Best Value

Custom Plan
Works perfect for the corporate sector and in this package

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  • We offer customized outreach services especially designed to meet the goals of your business.
  • From developing to implementing the outreach strategy, we have got you covered.
  • We will provide the sequence + email lead list and run multiple sequences on multiple platforms for your business on your behalf.
  • Conduct integratoins and setup customized CRMs for your support and much more

Let’s have a talk

Looking for a customized outreach plan for your business or got a question for us? Fill out the form to contact our support team and our team members will get back to you in the next 12 hrs via phone calls or emails, as per your choice.

GetBound helps you to:

  • Reach out to your ideal clients and start quick conversations with them
  • Claim the wasted time of your sales reps doing redundant tasks daily and help them close more sales.
  • Automate your outreach efforts
  • Skyrocket your sales and meet your business revenue goal
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Are you ready to meet your sales goals?

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